Doing Taxes Doesn't Have To Be So Hard

Doing Taxes Doesn't Have To Be So Hard

Nothing seems to squash the buzz of holiday cheer more than tax season that immediately follows. It doesn't have to be a headache that you procrastinate until mid-April. You can take care of your taxes right now, in a matter of minutes, and have your return check within a week! Why delay when you need your money the most?

Do you think doing your taxes is impossibly difficult?

Here are some questions you will want answered:

  • Am I liable for any taxes that I wasn't aware of?
  • Am I going to get a refund this year?
  • How much will I owe?
  • Am I getting the most deductions possible?
  • Am I at high risk for being audited: an expensive and time-consuming headache of a process?

Thousands of Americans spend hundreds of dollars each year to have CPAs do their taxes for them, all because they can't answer any of these questions themselves.

While it may seem like each American would need to become CPA certified to be able to do their own taxes properly, it doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of money hiring one. For hundreds of dollars less than hiring a CPA, you can have the same tax return filed, and even in less time!

H&R Block at Home Premium, formerly known as TaxCut, walks you through the process of making sure you take care of your tax responsibilities while maximizing your deductions. H&R Block at Home Premium then becomes your virtual CPA and asks the same questions and offers the same guidance a live CPA would provide for you.

Once you have entered in your financial information and have completed the easy to use interview process, you have the option of filing by mail or filing online. Filing online gets your tax return to you much faster than filing by mail, where the data must be entered into the IRS database and checked by lengthy processes. H&R Block at Home Premium is an IRS approved online filing solution so once you file a valid tax statement, your return check is processed automatically and very quickly.

You can speed things up even more by allowing the IRS to deposit your return directly into your bank account.

This year, let H&R Block make tax season easy for once!

Article written by: Josh H.

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