How to Know if E-filing is for You

How to Know if E-filing is for You

Although online income tax filing (e-filing) is rapidly gaining popularity and is indisputably more convenient that paper filing, not everyone finds this method best meets their personal needs. If any of the following apply to you, it is probably safe to say that e-filing is not the method you should choose.

  • You are extremely uneasy sending confidential information online. Regardless of how secure a site may be, you find it difficult to trust it. Peace of mind is more important to you that convenience or rapidity.
  • You actually like the paper method. There is something soothing about the annual ritual of preparing your taxes that you enjoy. The tried and true pen and paper method has always worked for you, and none of the incentives of e-filing weigh heavily enough for you to consider changing.
  • Someone else does your taxes for you for free (you are related to, or married to, an accountant, etc.) so you don't really care what method they use, and it doesn't cost you any money for them to use it.
  • You do not have a dependable internet connection, and frequently get disconnected in the middle of uploading or downloading information. You want to be certain your tax return can successfully transmit.
  • Your computer frequently crashes in the middle of an application. Although most e-filing systems include fail-safe saving points along the way, losing all your previously input information would be a serious concern for you.
  • You are not in any way, shape or form computer savvy. You do not know what a mouse is (other than the scurrying kind), and you know some 5 year olds who can manipulate a keyboard faster than you can.
  • You are not comfortable with navigating the internet
  • You have a dislike and/or hatred of computers

Despite its growing use, there will always be taxpayers who remain skeptical of the online filing method, or for whom it is simply not feasible given their materials or skill-set. Obviously, the IRS will continue to offer paper return filing for many years to come, and e-filing is an option the IRS offers to taxpayers, not a requirement. Use the system you are comfortable with.


Article written by: Letty G.

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