H&R Block At Home Premium Overview

H&R Block At Home Premium Overview

H&R Block At Home Premium has everything you need to complete your federal and state taxes easily, and has even more tools for the self-employed and rental property owners.

With the new, easy-to-use interface, H&R Block At Home Premium searches for hundreds of tax deductions to get you the biggest refund possible.

The customized interview process will help you complete your federal and state taxes.

Import your W-2, 1099 and any other financial data you may have stored from last year directly into the program. For example, import data from TaxCut, TurboTax, Quicken, Microsoft Money, and H&R Block DeductionPro.

Get tax guidance at a personal level for most common occupations and for specific deductions, plus get answers to frequently asked questions.

And for those who are self-employed, rental property owners, home-owners and investors Schedule C filers - you will enjoy added features such as built-in expertise, live tax advice and audit support from an H&R Block agent.

It also includes five federal e-files at no extra cost, which will come in handy throughout the year for quarterly filings.

H&R Block At Home Premium has exclusive features that rental property owners and self-employed individuals will need to get the most out of their tax filing, since their returns are more complex.

Use built-in tax calculators to help determine the cost basis of a home sale, gift, dividend and inheritance assets.

Get advice from an actual H&R Block tax professional, live, who can help you with your specific needs.

You'll be guided step by step through entering investments, home sales, dividends and retirement income.

Then, when you are done filing, you are provided with tips to help you plan for the coming tax year.

No one can afford to miss important deductions, new tax laws or critical deadlines. Let H&R Block At Home Premium help you make the most of your tax season.

Article written by: Josh H.

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