Preparing Your E-file Tax Return

Preparing Your E-file Tax Return

Regardless of whether or not you are preparing your tax return yourself or paying someone else to do it, you will need various documents on hands. When you are ready to begin the process of e-filing your 2010 income tax return, you will need the information from these forms to fill out the electronic tax forms. Forms you will need include:

A W-2 Form for your wages if you are an employee. If you have worked for more than one employer in the same tax year, you will need a W-2 for each employer you have worked for. You will also need your spouse's W-2.

Social Security number. You need available not only your own Social Security number, but also your spouse, and any dependents you are claiming on your 2010 income tax return.

1099 Series. You need to have this tax form available if you have received any income where taxes were not withheld.

Bank account number and bank routing number. If you want a direct deposit of your tax refund (which is faster than waiting for a check in the mail) or if you are planning on paying your income taxes electronically, you will need your bank account number and your bank routing number. Both of these can be located on one of your checks.

Receipts and records for itemized deduction expenses. If you are itemizing your deductions, these can be especially pertinent. Many of the deductions you can claim require proof of the expense. This paperwork will be used to fill out Schedule A on Form 1040.

Receipts and records for other income or expenses you are claiming.

To facilitate the online filing process of you income tax, you will also need to know all pertinent non-financial information, including your name, address, spouse name, exemptions claimed, and filing status. All of these are required for proper submission of your income tax return to the IRS.

Article written by: Letty G.

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